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Teen Health Week
A global initiative to help teens take charge of their health

Teen Health Week 2019

Established in 2016 as a joint program of the Center for Education of the College of Physicians of PhiladelphiaReal Talk with Dr. Offutt, and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health, Teen Health Week is a global initiative to raise awareness of the unique health issues facing teens all over the world. Through a wide variety of local, state, national, and international programs and activities, Teen Health Week encourages teens to take charge of their physical and mental health to facilitate healthy habits they will carry with them throughout their lives.


What originally started in Pennsylvania as a statewide health initiative expanded to a global program, with participating aevents and activities in 37 countries on 6 continents! 


Teen Health Week 2019: April 1-7, 2019


Mark your calendars! Teen Health Week 2019 will take place April 1-7, 2019. Each day will focus on a specific theme related to teen health. The themes for Teen Health Week 2019 will be:


Monday, April 1: Gender and Sexual Development

Tuesday, April 2: Nutrition and Oral Health

• Wednesday, April 3: Preventive Care and Vaccines

Thursday, April 4: Violence and Mental Health

• Friday, April 5: Substance Use and Misuse

• Saturday, April 6: Community-Specific Teen Health

• Sunday, April 7: Community-Specific Teen Health

(April 6 and 7 are open for individual organizations to focus on other themes relevant to their audiences and communities.)


Be sure to check back regularly for more information and updates!

Wear Your Support for Teen Health Week

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Stay Informed on Teen Health Week


Interested in learning more about Teen Health Week? Contact us:

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How You Can Help


Here are just a few examples of easy ways that teens and their advocates can get involved:   

•                 Use the week to leverage relevant aspects of your organization’s mission.

•                 Share educational materials relevant to each day’s theme.

                 Facilitate educational events through student clubs, public health organizations, 

                   medical practices; youth-focused groups.

•                 Honor youth, professionals, and organizations who actively promote adolescent health.

•                 Publish relevant articles / letters in local and regional press.

•                 Use social media to share relevant health messages and information.

                 Promote the use of Teen Health Week colors for materials and spirit wear.

•                 Ask community buildings/bridges to use lime green event lighting. 

•                 Ask regional/state/county governments to observe the week with a

                   Resolution/Proclamation (Here is an example from the American Medical Association)

Host a Teen Health Week 2019 Event!


Organizations interested in hosting a Teen Health Week event can fill out the survey below:

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Teen Health Week has been endorsed by the following organizations:
•                 American Medical Association

•                 Center for Public Health and Preventive Medicine, The College of Physicians of


•                 City of Philadelphia

•                 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

•                 PennCare - Adolescent and Young Adult Associates