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Marie Curie and Medicine
Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Marie Curie’s second Nobel Price and her contributions to medicine through radiotherapy, the College has produced a video in which Curie herself demonstrates the operation of one of the College’s treasures, a piezo-electric generator given by Curie to the College in 1921. The machine is the oldest device in the world for measuring radioactivity. In the video below, living historian Susan Marie Frontczak portrays Curie and gives an interview—as Curie—with museum director Robert Hicks. Visit our YouTube page for more great Curie videos, including a Mütter Minute episode about the piezo-electric generator, another video about Curie’s visit to Philadelphia, and the No Bones About It interview!

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Click here to learn about the Quay Brothers Exhibit and Film, Through the Weeping Glass.

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