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As established by the By-Laws of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Board of Trustees is the governing body of the College, and has ultimate responsibility for establishing policy and monitoring its implementation. It establishes the mission of the College and annually evaluates its effectiveness. The Board may exercise all powers and authority not vested elsewhere by statute or by the College's Charter or the By-Laws. In addition to the powers implied or expressed in the College's Charter or in the By-Laws, the Board has specific responsibility for the following: (a) The review and approval of the institution's annual plan and budget; (b) The review and approval of the College's annual report; (c) The review and approval of the actions of the Executive Committee; (d) The voting on candidates for election as Fellows.

The Board of Trustees consists of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other Fellows nominated by the Committee on Nominations and elected by and from the Voting Fellowship. The Director/Chief Executive Officer serves as an ex officio, non-voting member.



Sankey V. Williams, MD (President)

Andrea Baldeck, MD (President-Elect)

Stanley Goldfarb, MD (Immediate Past President)

Lucy B. Rorke-Adams, MD (Secretary)

Daniel T. Dempsey, MD (Treasurer)

George M. Wohlreich, MD (Director and CEO and The Thomas W. Langfitt Chair, Ex-Officio)



Arthur K. Asbury, MD

Lewis W. Bluemle, Jr., MD

Paul C. Brucker, MD

Robert E. Campbell, MD

Stanley Goldfarb, MD (Immediate Past President, Officer and Voting Board member)

Charles T. Lee, Jr., MD

Bennett Lorber, MD

Allen R. Myers, MD



Carolyn H. Asbury, PhD, ScMPH

Clyde F. Barker, MD

R. Michael Buckley, MD

Joseph S. Camardo, MD

Anjan K. Chatterjee, MD

Edward S. Cooper, MD

Michael A. DellaVecchia, MD, PhD

Arthur C. Evans, PhD

Julie Fairman, PhD, RN, FAAN

Thomas Fekete, MD

Derek A. Gillman, MA, LLM

Janice T. Gordon, PhD

Julia A. Haller, MD

Stephen J. Harmelin, LLB

Gail Morrison, MD

Paul A. Offit, MD

H.L. Perry Pepper

Stephen R. Permut, MD, JD

Lucy B. Rorke-Adams, MD

Wilma Bulkin Siegel, MD

Michael Sklaroff, LLB

Rhonda L. Soricelli, MD

Walter H. Tsou, MD, MPH

Joseph C. Vignola, LLB